Selected Publications

My scholarly activity is focused on combinatorics, finite group theory, and use of primary historical sources in the mathematics classroom.  Here is a short list of selected publications.

Fourier’s Infinite Series Proof of the Irrationality of e: A Mini-Primary Source Project for Calculus II Students, Convergence, (September 2022).

Learning from the Master: A Collection of Euler-based Primary Source Projects for Today’s Students, Part I, with Janet Barnett, Dominic Klyve, and Adam Parker, Volume 2, Issue 1, Euleriana, (March 2022).

Enumerating Anchored Permutations with Bounded Gaps, (with Maria M Gillespie and Kenneth G Monks). Discrete Mathematics, Vol 343, Issue 9, (Sept 2020).

Euler’s Calculation of the Sum of the Reciprocals of the Squares: A Mini-Primary Source Project for Calculus II Students, Convergence (August 2019).

An Elementary Proof of the Explicit Formula for the Möbius Number of the Odd Partition Poset, Journal of Integer Sequences, Volume 21, Article 18.9.6. (2018).

Strongly sufficient sets and the distribution of arithmetic sequences in the 3x+1 graph (with Keenan Monks, Ken G. Monks, and Maria Monks) Discrete Mathematics, Volume 313, Issue 4, 28, , Pages 468-489 (February 2013).

The Möbius Number of the Socle of any Group, Cornell University’s, arXiv:1002.3503 [math.GR] (2010).

The sufficiency of arithmetic progressions for the $ 3x+1$ Conjecture, Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society, Volume 134, Pages 2861-2872, (May 2006).